Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask
As an added bonus, titanium leaves zero metallic finish on the contents of your flask, so your Laphroiag tastes just as rich and peaty months later as the day you poured it in, which P.S., you can accomplish neatly with the help of an included plastic funnel.
Bush Smarts Lightweight Hip Flask

Unlike most metal products, the Bush Smarts Hip Flask is a practical and alternative container for quenching your thirst in the wild. Hikers adore this weather-friendly rounded edge design for the anytime potential of sharing a boozy beverage.
What sets it apart from most hip flasks is the fact that it is made from tuff PE-HD, which prevents you from burning or freezing your tongue and lips in extreme temperatures while still keeping the liquid inside drinkable. It even comes with an oiled leather strap for linking onto your backpack during a long trip.
Nalgene Hip Flask
A simple minded and low maintenance drinker doesn’t want to mess around with fancy contraptions or accessories that require more work than actual drinking. This is why the Nalgene Flask is the perfect option. The BPA-free slender container comes in two basic colors —- red and blue -— and can hold up to ounces of liquid at a time. What attracts people the most is the lightweight and pocket-sized characteristics, which allow you to get your drink on at the twist of a cap.
Mini Keychain Flask
This keychain-friendly drinking vessel looks more like a prop than a functional flask, but this EDC flask in stainless steel holds an ounce of your favorite bourbon for your private consumption.  It will leave you wanting more, no doubt, but if you’re not keen on looking like a boozehound by toting tiny bottles of liquor around, this could be a suave alternative.  Of course, you’d have to snap two on your keychain to get the same amount of liquor as one of those little bottles.  Is it worth it?  When you need it, you’ll be glad you have it on hand.
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Which flask should I buy?
We tested flasks that could hold enough for several people (or someone wanting several cups during the day) as well as some that were designed to serve one. The size you need should be based on your individual needs, as well as the activities you might be doing while using it.
A large-capacity flask that’s completely full can be a hefty addition to your bag, so you may want to look for a streamlined, lighter flask to start.
On some flasks, you need to unscrew the top before pouring, while others open by pushing a button (or similar). This keeps the contents hotter for longer as you’re not exposing them to cold air. If you’re after a single cup of tea, that won’t be an issue, but it’s something worth considering if you’re planning to enjoy your drink over a few hours. If you’ll be juggling a number of things, like children and shopping, you might prefer a flask with a simpler, one-button mechanism or similar.
Value for money Was the flask worth its price tag? 
Style A flask can be practical and stylish. We looked at the design from an aesthetic point of view.

Design and functionality We looked for important design features that can make a real difference, such as insulated cups, easy-open tops and strong handles.
Innovation We awarded our flasks extra points if they had any particularly clever features.
Leaks A flask that leaks is at best annoying and at worst dangerous. . We tested all the flasks for leaks, and we’re pleased to report that none of them did.
What Is The Best Thermos Flask?
The ideal flask will have good hot and cold performance, with the ability to keep a brew hot after hours out in the cold, or your drink nicely chilled even when the mercury rises. The other critical feature is a secure cap, so that even if your flask gets knocked around or accidentally up-ended in a rucksack it won’t leak.

Other useful design features to look for include a wide mouth, which makes for easier cleaning and filling (especially if you want to add ice cubes to your flask). In addition, many larger flasks incorporate ‘twist and pour’ spouts, so you can pour from the flask without having to completely remove the stopper. An integrated cup is also useful. Smaller flasks often feature lid designs that allow on-the-go swigging or one-handed operation.
Like almost any decent bit of outdoor kit, a good vacuum flask should also be robust and durable. All the flasks we tested are made of high-quality 18/food-grade stainless steel that resists dents, dings and scratches. The trade-off with steel flasks is that they can be heavy, although modern designs are shaving weight all the time, and in some cases, they now weigh little more than a standard plastic drinks bottle.
Another advantage of stainless steel it that does not leave a metallic taste in the mouth or residual odours. However, it is always worth cleaning your flask thoroughly with hot soapy water between uses.
To get maximum performance from your flask, you should always pre-warm it before use. Fill it with boiling water and leave to stand for five minutes or so before emptying and refilling with your chosen brew – such as tea, coffee, soup or hot chocolate. Filling your flask right to the top will also help minimise heat loss.
Everybody loves a picnic or just even something as simple as enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee throughout the day at work. In many ways, this helps us feel comforted and able to make it through the bad days and appreciate the good days. Although yes, obviously you could get a cup of anything at a café, but for those times you simply cannot leave your desk, these little things go a long way. Naturally, there can be only one thing particularly useful in this scenario. Flasks. They might remind you of your grandmother’s days perhaps, but they are still very much in use today and with good reason too. It’s always nice to have some warm water to sip on in the middle of freezing winter or better yet, hot chocolate. There are just so many to choose from though which is why this list could be helpful..