Lo primero que llama la atención es que el altavoz de los agudos tiene una dispersión amplia y una baja distorsión. La distorsión que se crea por el cableado único se compensa bastante con este pequeño altavoz.

El bajo del Q Acoustics 3020 hace que el todo el altavoz vibre bastante y esto hace que se sume a las frecuencias altas. A la vez que vibra toda la caja también lo hace el altavoz de los agudos al estar los altavoces en la misma estructura.
Para solventar este problema los ingenieros han amortiguado altavoz de los agudos en el Q Acoustics 3020 con un material que absorbe las vibraciones. La distorsión en las frecuencias altas queda reducida bastante.
Adicionalmente los conos están fabricados con un material más fuerte que es una combinación de papel y mica que la llaman fibra Aramid.
Ahora dejando de lado todos esos tecnicismos y centrándonos en el rendimiento tangible, los Q Acoustics 3020 producen un sonido vivo con unas frecuencias medias muy claras.

Son unos altavoces que te durarán por mucho tiempo y que darán vida a tu salón.
La razón por la que los Q 2020 fueron tan famosos es porque se produjeron muchas mejoras y refinamientos en el tiempo. Pero los Q Acoustics 3020 y los 30no van a ser una excepción y desde luego va a estar en la lista de los mejores altavoces por mucho tiempo.
Build and design
Many of the lessons learned in the design of the premium-priced Concept 20 and 40 speakers have been applied here. This is particularly evident in the cabinet. While the price has taken the sandwich construction used in the Concepts off the menu, Q Acoustics has still produced an impressively well-engineered box.
The 3020’s cabinet is made mainly of 15mm MDF panels but with a double-layer 30mm top plate and similarly layered 24mm front baffle. This structure is then braced in specific places to control resonances and help with stiffness.
All this work pays off in an enclosure that feels immensely solid and provides a good, rigid foundation for the drive units to work from. The speaker terminals – hidden under the base panel in the 2000 series – have been moved to a more conventional position on the back.

This not only makes the terminals more accessible, but also improves structural rigidity. A less obvious benefit is that the cabinet depth is significantly reduced from the 2020is, but without losing much internal volume. Height and width stay the same.
The 3020s are single-wire only, losing the biwire arrangement of the 2020is. Though apparently a retrograde step, at this end of the market it’s much better to have a single length of decent cable than two sets of inferior alternatives.
These speakers are available in five finishes. Matt Graphite and American Walnut are standard options, but for an extra £60 you can have either white or black lacquered gloss or an interesting leather option.
Our gloss white review sample is finished beautifully, and made with an attention to detail that few competitors come close to. Q Acoustics’ work hasn’t stopped there. Both drive units are new too. The 12.5cm mid/bass unit’s cone material has changed from a paper/mica mix to one that combines paper and aramid fibre, more commonly known as Kevlar.

These drive units are linked with a revised crossover that features higher grade components than found in the 2000 series, designed with a view to lowering distortion and minimising any phase issues at the crossover frequency.
Play Prokofiev’s
Four Seasons, and these little gems never fail to please. For their size they deliver a decent dose of low-end punch, and are loud enough for most situations.

The Good The affordable Q Acoustics 3020s bring a dynamic and detailed performance to your favorite tunes. Construction is excellent, and there are four color options. Their compact size makes it a good fit if you don't want a bigger speaker box.
The Bad The Q Acoustics don't reproduce much in the way of bass, and their exciting nature means they could become tiring with the wrong material.
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When positioned properly, these speakers can deliver immersive audio. Soundstage is quite wide, while instrument separation is very good. You’ll be able to pick out individual instruments from the music, and you can also easily appreciate audio panning and directional sound.
The highs of the 3020 are crisp, airy and full of detail. You’ll be able to easily pick out the nuances of the audio. The highs do not get harsh though, so these are smooth and easy to listen to.The mids are full and sound quite natural. Vocals, guitars and keys sound very good and have a warm and life-like timbre.The bass is tight and controlled, but not very powerful.
You do not need a powerful speaker amplifier to run these. At ohms impedance, these speakers should deliver great volume and audio quality with a decent amp.
If you love mids then you’ll find HD6’s sound signature to be quite appealing. Overall sound is clear, with the mids getting extra emphasis. You’ll easily hear guitars and vocals and movie or game dialogue won’t be lost in the mix.
The highs are slightly recessed so these speakers do not sound harsh at all, but at the expense of a bit of detail and airiness.