These days, there are so many single parents blogging about what it’s like to date again. But how often do you run into two single parent bloggers who are telling the world — independently — what it’s like to be in a relationship with each other?

Well, let me introduce you to Todd and Kelly. I’ve been following the blogs of this incredibly sweet, goofy couple for years now. I’ve been following them so closely, in fact, that sometimes I have to remind myself that, no, I’ve never met them in person. Because when you check out their blogs, you’ll see why you feel like you know them.

Their story is such a tender one, layered with crossing paths and a break up that neither of them could endure. No, they didn’t meet each other online dating in Canada on a site like eHarmony. In 2008, Kelly, the mom of two daughters, was struggling with a deep unhappiness in her marriage when she stumbled across Todd’s blog via a friend from college.