Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to a world in which :

Everybody can live in an environment where their full potential is developed and realized…

Where such potential (whether of an individual or a group) is recognized and developed to its full extent for the good of the family, the school, society and at an international level.

Where human qualities that lead to a better world are recognized and implemented…

By concentrating on the individual, we promote a world that respects freedom, security, empathy and a positive attitude towards others.

By living according to these principals in our school, our pupils are able to see the reality of these goals, not only in their immediate surroundings, but in the world in which they live.

Our pupils come to be able to express their emotions and needs, as well as articulate questions, ideas , and propositions for new projects to improve our school.

  • This means a focus on creativity within the individual,
  • and an environmentally conscious approach towards living.

Where a stable and democratic system is respected, based on the needs of the individual, their community, and the world around them.

This project is possible for everybody who wishes to see a world in which diversity blossoms, and a world in which everybody can live in harmony.

Where self-determination is recognized as an inalienable right.

And where each person can :

  • Develop their conscience to its full extent, according to their environment, and to be able to express themselves freely.

  • Participate in decisions that immediately affect them.

  • Live and learn peacefully and according to their contributions, tastes and dispositions with the support of a community of individuals that respect and trust one another .

All of this is on offer to our children, and gives them the chance to follow their interests through an unbridled liberty to play, to dream, to express themselves and to explore the world around them… This way children grow up in a way that allows them to contribute to their community and mankind in general.

The above statement outlines the vision of our organization as stated in our constitution.

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