Open doors at the school !

Open doors are proposed every first Saturday morning in the month.

Next dates for 2018 :
Saturday 7. April – 2nd June

The appointment is at 10 in the morning. Please consider arriving at time so we can start all together.

For your comfort and the cleanliness of the school, we suggest you bring something so you can put your shoes off at the entrance without having cold feet.

Until 12 we will:

  • Welcome participants and share their wishes
  • Present how the school work and answer the questions
  • Visit the different rooms
  • Discuss with the group of visitors

Children are welcome and can play in the school. They stay under your responsibility.

If you think you will come next time, please leave us a short message telling what is your interest and if any, how many people would come with you. It will help us to welcome you.

Here you can see photos of the first open doors after the school opened in May 2014.