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Open doors at the school !

Open doors are proposed regularly on Saturday morning.

Next dates for 2018 :

  • 6th October 2018
  • 15th December 2018
  • 16th February 2019
  • 13th April 2019
  • 22nd June 2019

The appointment is at 10 in the morning. Please consider arriving at time so we can start all together.

For your comfort and the cleanliness of the school, we suggest you bring something so you can put your shoes off at the entrance without having cold feet.

Until 12 we will:

  • Welcome participants and share their wishes
  • Present how the school work and answer the questions
  • Visit the different rooms
  • Discuss with the group of visitors

Children are welcome and can play in the school. They stay under your responsibility.

If you think you will come next time, please leave us a short message telling what is your interest and if any, how many people would come with you. It will help us to welcome you.

Here you can see photos of the first open doors after the school opened in May 2014.

(Français) 2017-18 : Appel à candidatures pour une année d’apprentissage auto-organisé sur l’éducation démocratique

Une année pour vivre, réfléchir, expérimenter, apprendre et avancer dans son projet de vie / son projet professionnel

Vous connaissez bien la culture des écoles démocratiques et vous avez un projet en lien avec l’éducation ?

Vous avez une expérience professionnelle réussie et/ou vous avez participé à des projets collectifs dans lesquels vous vous sentiez à l’aise ?

Par ailleurs, vous souhaitez approfondir votre formation au sein d’un projet original conciliant, entre autres inspirations : l’approche centrée sur la personne, la communication non-violente, l’approche des cercles restauratifs et la méthode sociocratique ?

L’école démocratique de La Croisée des Chemins propose, pour l’année 2017-18, une formation par la pratique d’environ 1400 heures (35-36 heures par semaine + vacances scolaires de la zone A) permettant de vivre le quotidien de l’école  tout en disposant de :

1150 heures de pratique
135 heures de réunion d’équipe (débriefing, régulation, organisation, formation)
40 heures de formation sur 5 journées complètes
30 heures de supervision en groupe
10 heures d’entretien individuel

> Rédaction d’un projet d’apprentissage : présentation au mois de septembre et bilans en janvier, en avril et en juin.
> Rédaction d’un journal de bord et présentation d’un mémoire de fin de formation sur une problématique de votre choix.
> Participation libre aux journées de formation organisées au sein de l’association.
> Possibilité d’intégrer une commission : finance, communication…
> Participation libre à toutes les activités de l’association : notamment les matinées portes-ouvertes et autres événements de communication.

Vous êtes intéressé·e ?
Nous vous remercions de nous adresser un message par le formulaire de contact ci-dessous : nous vous ferons alors parvenir une liste des questions. Vous pourrez ensuite nous adresser un CV, votre lettre de motivation incluant les réponses aux questions et une photo.


Young volunteer : « La Croisée des Chemins » needs you !

From September 2017, we would like to welcome 1 or 2 young people as full time volunteers involved in the activities of our association. This involvement would be remunerated by the french state through the “Civic Service” agency.

Who ?

You are 22 to 25 years old and you have a professional project in the field of education / children or youth care (studies with already some volunteer or professional experiences), you wish to contribute to make things change.

You read the presentation of our association on the web site, and what you understood of our project makes you enthousiastic.

You love learning and challenges, and you are ready to live during up to 12 months an intensive personal experience ?

With us, you will have the opportunity to discover democratic education (and specifically the Sudbury model), person-centered approach, non-violent communication, play and creative expression as a tool for personal growth, organization through sociocratic circles, permaculture…

The mission

Accompaniment of the children during school time ; among other activities, help to create and animate a journalism workshop (already having a practice of multimedia tools would be useful).

Contribute to the design and realization of structures for the school in a natural space of 6500 m2

Taking part to various activities open to the public : workshops, library, conferences for families, open days of the association.

The mission will be defined personally with each volunteer related to his/her interests and talents.

Expected qualities

Creativity, energy, initiative, ressourcefulness.

Taste for listening, communication, and cooperative team work.

We wish also that you feel at ease with the frames of collective life (organisation, rules, sanctions…) and their application with young people from 4 to 19 years old.

What is Civic Service

It is open to young people up to 25 years old, without diplomas condition, who have the nationality from a Member State of the European Union or European Economic Area – or justify legal residence in France of more than one year.

For this mission, you will receive a financial compensation from the State, as part of the national priority “education for all” (about 573 € each month).

A short presentation in english

The official website of Service Civique, in French :

Send your application :

Your CV and a personal message in French or in English to share the meaning it would have for you to take part in the association activities.